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Nepal Relief Auction

 One thing I have found is that fandom is a powerful force.  Usually, it’s a force that empowers creativity, but from time to time, it steps out of that area and becomes even more effective in the real world.  The fandom auctions for causes like relief in Haiti are a prime example of that.

The time has come to again flex our fandom muscles to help those in need.  The NCIS Fanfiction Addiction forum (NFA) is sponsoring a similar auction to give relief and aid to those who need it most in Nepal.  We are looking for contributors and bidders for fiction, fanart, beta reading services, and the like.   Come over to the forum, register and be involved.  Together, we can change the world. 
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A call for meta

My husband and I are working together on a new journalism endeavor started by three enthusiastic men in New York. The focus is 'all things nerdy.' One of the things that I am most nerdy about is my fanworks (fanfiction / fanart, etc). You all who know me know that it's a huge portion of my life. And, through it, I have met many of you. So, here's the deal. If you are as involved with fanworks and the community that surrounds them as I am, and want to speak out about your experiences, the process, or how you see it affecting the world, I have a proposal for you. is a small blog at the moment, aiming for great things. What I would like to do is invite you as creators and consumers of fanworks to contribute to the conversation about them. I am soliciting single meta pieces anywhere from 500 to 3000 words in length (preferring to the longer than the shorter end of that spectrum) that discuss a subject of your choosing about fanworks. Maybe you're a strong voice in your genre. Maybe you've researched why the genre does some of the things it does. Maybe you've seen fanservice or gotten blocked by an original creator. This is not a place to promote your individual works, in fact, we'll ask that you sign the piece either with your real name, or a separate pseud from any you've published works under. We are not attempting to avoid giving credit to individual writers, but we want this to be a separate safe place to discuss the issues and trends of the fanwork community.

If this is something that you're interested in, please contact me through any means you know: comment here, PM me here, email me if you have it, send me a DM on twitter, or an IM or however you choose. Thank you.

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Motherbrain: The problems with plot-based RP versus character-based RP


 I have seen two very divergent styles of role play in my text-based RPGs. One of them is driven by plot, the other driven by strong characters. I prefer the latter. I also write character-driven stories. The reasons I do so are myriad. However, today, I'm thinking about collaborative writing, especially as shown in RP. Collapse )

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Random update because I'm bored

So, I've been feeling a little out of things, and I came to the realization why: I semi-consciously pulled myself out of communities because I didn't have time to invest in them. however, I realized that I was gettin a lot of my adult socialization from those communities, even if it was in tiny doses at a time. Between us all being sick for six weeks and getting back into the swing of things as far as homeschooling goes, I lost my rhythm.


Trying to find it again is interesting, considering the fact that things changed (as they are wont to do) and people have changed availability and how to find them. Also, because of past experience, I am loathe to go too far from familiar pastures to find them for fear I'll be accused of stalking. (Stupid, I know, but it has happened)


I have also found a couple new fandom because of friends, and don't know who of my other fandom friends are even watching closely enough to know/care.


(This sounds a lot more l like complaining than I intended, but that seems to happen at times, especially here. ) 


Anyway, my two more recent fandoms are "Sherlock" and "Bones". I started watching  the latter when my best friend mentioned how much the main character reminded her of herself. I watched, and damn if she wasn't right :-)  I sat and watched the whole thing in short order and loved it. Not sure I'd write fic for it yet, but that's mainly because I haven't been writing much at all. Other than a couple NCIS Episode Tags, I haven't put pen to paper much.


The other thing I'm doing this year that seems to take up time is homeschooling the kids. I'm only doing three things or so a day with them, but they're getting it, and that's the important thing to me.I'm not using a set curriculum, so that means more work for me, but I do like having that control over exactly what they're learning. I'm proud of them; they're smart little boogers. We'll probably have to keep going for at least part of the summer to make up the days we missed by being sick. One of the few requirements my state puts on homeschooling parents it's that we teach them 180 days every year. I went ahead and announced that we'd be doing it again next year, but I can change that fairly easily if the situation changes again.  Anyway, here yea go, have an update. You know you've always wanted one.


A first collaborative story: ThingLit

DH found a board that is used with a LeapFrog Tag pen. We don't have one of those. However, we bought the board anyway. The reason we bought the board was that it had rows of adjectives, adverbial phrases, nouns and verbs with which to make sentences. My children have taken to this like they take to sugary substances, that is to say, extremely well. Here is their first collaborative story (with a little bit of editing and editorial compromise from Mom).

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Motherbrain: Check your privilege

I am on Tumblr, though not as commonly recently as I had been for a while.  Today on another site, I was reminded of something they say often on Tumblr. I will preface my post with two things: firstly, I understand their point.  I get what they're trying to say.  They're trying to say that often, in many parts of our country, things are radically different for someone who is different in specific ways. And that's true.  Not universally, but in places, it's true.  Secondly, this may offend some people, but it is not intended to offend. It's my rant about what "privilege" really means. 
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