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Motherbrain: Isn't it enough?

So, the candidate I voted for lost.  I am ambivalent about that.  Not because I wasn't sure who I wanted to win, but because the GOP is cureently losing touch with many of us who actually do want a more conservative government.  However, we lose out in ALL the ways, unless we want to vote for someone who is very unlikely to win (an independent candidate has not won a presidential election ... for a very long time, if ever). 

In many conservative circles, the meaning of this election has been pushed around, discussed, bandied about, etc.  One concensus many came to was that if Romney lost this election, after we all got together and pushed behind his campaign, then maybe the GOP has lost touch and needs to change or die. I totally agree. 

Personally, as I have said, I am fiscally, extremely conservative.  I don't want the government to run less efficiently than I'm allowed to run my household. I think there should be no deficit, and we should work toward eliminating the debt. I feel very strongly about this.  This is a value the GOP have held, at least in words, and the largest part of the reason I vote red.

However, socially, I'm more moderate, even Libertarian in my views. I think the government has no business in things that are mine, and that covers a lot.  So, when my GOP friends go on about social issues, I smile and nod my head, then turn and purse my lips. Not because I don't think they have a point about the evils of some of the things, but because it's not the government's job to do these things.  Not regulation, not payment for, not deciding who can and can't, etc.  

So, I am disappointed that the candidate that I voted for didn't win (at least in that race. Our local sheriff's race, our candidate won). However, I think the party needs to draw a message from it.  Many people my age (and younger for sure) vote liberal or libertarian because they can't support the dichotomy that says "we want to limit how much we spend, but we want to create more regulations on social behaviors that require a lot more monitoring and enforcement."  The logic doesn't pan out.  It never does.  If the GOP doesn't learn that, they will no longer be the Grand Old Party; we'll consign that moniker to the other guys and send them the way of the Whigs.  (Who are the Whigs, you ask?  Exactly my point.)

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