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A first collaborative story: ThingLit

DH found a board that is used with a LeapFrog Tag pen. We don't have one of those. However, we bought the board anyway. The reason we bought the board was that it had rows of adjectives, adverbial phrases, nouns and verbs with which to make sentences. My children have taken to this like they take to sugary substances, that is to say, extremely well. Here is their first collaborative story (with a little bit of editing and editorial compromise from Mom).

First, the grumpy princess dreams at the castle. Then, a funny brother sings at the castle. Then, the pig monster smells in the Princess' bedroom. Then, the grumpy princess dances with jumping in the room. Then! The pig monster tries to scare the princess. Finally, the funny brother kills the pig monster. All was well. The end.
Tags: family, homeschool, kids, story
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