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The bright corner

Another place to rant

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10 May 1976
I'm a stay at home mom of two children.
I'm an ASL Interpreter (was certified in TX, but that expired when I moved)

"wierd al" yankovic, alton brown, american sign, american sign language, art, arwen, asl, attachment parenting, babies, baby sign, bible, bill mallonee, books, braveheart, c. s. lewis, c.s. lewis, caedmon's call, candles, celtic music, charmed, chocolate, christian, christian parenting, christianity, church, church history, classifiers, computers, cooking, correct grammar, crocheting, deaf, deaf advocacy, deaf community, deaf culture, deafies, dr sears, dr. sears, dragonlance, dungeons & dragons, elves, ender's game, farscape, final fantasy, final fantasy music, firefly, food, games, god, godly parenting, harry potter, interpreters, interpreting, ireland, j. r. r. tolkien, jars of clay, jesus, jesus christ, law and order, libraries, linguistics, lord of the rings, lotr, madeleine l'engle, marriage, missions, monty python, mozilla, music, my marriage, nad, new mexico, nintendo video games, nm, orson scott card, parenting, pedro the lion, pern, piano music, poetry, positive parenting, prayer, reading, rich mullins, rid, roleplaying, rootbeer, sci-fi, scotland, serenity, sign language, signing, singing, soccer, spiderman, squaresoft, st. patrick, star trek, star wars, stargate sg-1, stephen lawhead, sugar, tea, the bible, the crossing, the hobbit, the princess bride, the silmarillion, the vagrant cafe, the vagrant café, they might be giants, third day, thistle & shamrock, u2, uk, used bookstores, vagrant café, vagrantcafe.com, vigilantes of love, vineyard music, waterdeep, writing songs, xanth, xmen, ywam

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